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We deliver our surveys with exceptional customer service

Build Surveys

We design perfectly constructed surveys tailoured to your needs. Or else you can use one of our benchmarked surveys to give you industry comparisons.

Collect Data

We use a token based survey distribution system which means that only named people receive the survey, making sure that the right people participate, and their progress can be tracked.

Analyse results

We have built-in reporting to give you the snap shots you need to take action. If you want more detailed analyses we have specialists in data manipulation and statistics.

Why Use Smithfield Performance to deliver your Engagement Survey?


Our technology is secure and reliable. Our User Experience (UX) focuses on a decluttered simplicity of use with access and UX optimised on all device platforms.


We have business-minded technical people who are experts in survey design, sampling methodology, data manipulation, and statistics.


We have successfully managed hundreds of surveys to some of the best known companies in the world. Read more


Our people truly understand the nature of employee engagement and how businesses can connect with the talent and creativity of the people they employ.

Use your own question-set

If you have your own question-set we can programme it into our TechEngine and manage the survey distribution, the data collection and the reporting for you.

Use our question-set

If you don't have a question-set of your own, or you want to use a standardised question-set so as to benchmark your organisation with others, then the best solution is to use The Good Work Survey TM

Good Work Survey

The Good Work Survey TM

This is our benchmarked survey. There are thirty five standardised questions that measure five key factors of employee engagement. It is based on high quality research from across Europe centred around good work, fair work, and best work.

Use our benchmarked survey if you do not have your own set of engagement questions or if you want to compare your business with others.

Engagement Report

Reporting is clean, straightforward and gives you the important data that you need to take action. It is available against all agreed demographics questions and will cover everything from whole company reporting, to business unit reporting, right down to specific departments.

We have minimum reporting sample sizes that are set according to our data protection policy which ensures that respondents feel confident about giving their opinion anonymously.

Good Work Survey

Research Capabilities

How it works


The questions-set is the core of a staff survey. It has to match your needs so that your managers receive information which they can make good use of. Once the survey is released there is no going back. You can use our question-set, The Good Work Survey. Or if you prefer one that is bespoke we spend time talking to a representation of your people to find out the key themes that are important for you - interviews, focus groups, and working with key opinion leaders.

Sampling: We generally work on the basis that everyone, across your whole organisation, is sent a survey. This deals with potential sampling errors. But, if this is not possible, we can devise a fully representative sampling pool for you.

How it works


We can provide a whole range of analyses depending on your needs: percentage tabulations (e.g. %age of staff engaged), mean statistical differences between demographic groups, regression analysis for assessing weighted impact on dependent variables, plus any bespoke analysis that you want.

We have standardised online reporting for snap shots of the data. We also analyse the information in SPSS statistical package so as to work a bit smarter in understanding the data. When working with our clients we find it useful to run an 'analysis workshop' where we spend time interrogating the data together in order to really understand what it is saying about the various parts of the organisation.

How it works


Briefing out the results of the survey, and using the ideas and creativity of staff to generate action plans at the local level is a key part of a good engagement strategy. But it can sometimes be daunting for line-managers. We run Engagement Workshops that help local teams to understand the data that is relevant for them, and we facilitate action planning that is meaningful and pertinent. We can do this from the management board, right down the organisation to the local operational team level.

We also measure

Resilience & Wellbeing

Resilience profiling of individuals, teams, departments, or the whole organisation is part and parcel of a good well-being strategy. The Smithfield Resilience Assessment was established by leading experts Dr. Joe Jordan of Smithfield Performance and Professor Sue Cartwright of Lancaster Business School.

Flash Surveys

We do flash surveys measuring a range of attitude and opinion, from manager flash surveys running every quarter, to staff surveys measuring one-off events such as conference evaluation feedback.